RISE Program

Relevé In Search of Excellence

An Orlando Ballet & OCPS Invitation

Orlando Ballet School and invited OCPS High Schools & Middle Schools who have existing Performing Arts Dance Magnet Programs within them will be taking part in this exciting new collaborative partnership for the 2021-2022 school year.


Orlando Ballet School will provide 30 hours of educational and professional development by our world-renowned faculty to participating schools. This program emphasizes the development of the dancers artistry, technical skill, creativity and versatility. Students learn and refine classical ballet technique, hone their stage craft, and are provided additional performance opportunities. These opportunities build on the academic foundation established by the OCPS dance magnets, raising the level of intellectual rigor while also addressing the social and emotional needs of the students as they pursue a career in dance and the performing arts. The Orlando Ballet faculty have decades of professional experience. That real-world perspective informs their instruction and brings with it connections with dancers and organizations across the globe.


As part of the RISE program, Orlando Ballet will grant participating R.I.S.E. students with behind-the-scenes access to the professional company rehearsals at the Orlando Ballet Theater (if circumstances permit) as a field trip during the school day.


At the conclusion of the R.I.S.E. residency, Orlando Ballet will host the R.I.S.E. Workshop & Showcase, a full day of workshops and master classes followed by a showcase performance at Harriett’s Orlando Ballet Centre. This event gives participating R.I.S.E. schools the opportunity to present the works created during the R.I.S.E. residency.


All RISE students are then extended invitations to take part in opportunities by Orlando Ballet:

  • Choreographers Workshops (participation fee)
  • Summer Intensive (participation fee)
  • Year-Round placement class
  • Thanksgiving Break drop-in classes (participation fee)
  • Christmas Break drop-in classes (participation fee)
  • Classe D’Excellence Series (participation fee)

For more information on the Orlando Ballet RISE program call Orlando Ballet School at 407-418-9818 or email: Charmaine Hunter at [email protected] or Joni Newman at [email protected].



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