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Host an Event at Harriett’s Orlando Ballet Centre

Experience events in a new way at Harriett’s Orlando Ballet Centre. Conveniently located in Loch Haven Cultural Park, this multi-faceted centre features multiple event spaces that can accommodate intimate gatherings as well as larger than life celebrations. Our centre offers four ballet classrooms, multipurpose ballroom, spacious lobby, and an outside terrace which offers a beautiful view of Lake Formosa. With a dedicated team of professionals ready to help you every step of the way, you can be assured that your special day will be executed flawlessly. Whether you are planning a lavish gala for an organization or an unforgettable wedding, the sky is the limit at Harriett’s Orlando Ballet Centre!

Available Equipment

Included in the Facility Rental Fee. User may utilize the following equipment located onsite at HOBC:  

  • 20 x 72 in round tables  
  • 10 x 8 ft rectangular tables  
  • 10 x 6 ft rectangular tables  
  • 10 x cocktail tables (high or low tops)  
  • Speaker podium  
  • 200 event chairs (clear) 
  • Ordinary lighting and basic music play back system  

The user is solely responsible for set-up and breakdown of any equipment. OB may be able to provide additional equipment for an additional fee. No furnishings, equipment, or other objects belonging to OB may be used or moved without the permission of the Facility Rental Administrator. Any equipment not provided by OB (such as china, linens, additional tables/chairs, etc.) should be arranged by the User through their designated Client Representative. OB is not responsible for any equipment or materials brought in by User and/or any third-party vendors hired by the User.   

Facility Rental Administrator 

OB shall provide an on-site Facility Rental Administrator as part of the Facility Rental Fee. The Facility Rental Administrator will open the building at the beginning of the engagement, remain onsite throughout the event to handle any facility related concerns (i.e., plumbing issues, restocking bathroom supplies, etc.), and will close the building immediately following the conclusion of the engagement. The Facility Rental Administrator will not serve as an event coordinator and will not be responsible for set-up or breakdown of tables, chairs, etc. 

Booking Procedure

Harriett’s Orlando Ballet Centre event reservations and contracts are done electronically by contacting: 

Rental Assistant | Aless Ramnarine | aramnarine@orlandoballet.org 

Securing a Date 

Facility rentals are subject to the availability of the space desired. To secure a rental date and reserve the space, the User must sign the OB Facility Rental Agreement and pay a nonrefundable deposit equal to 20% of the Facility Rental Fee. OB will place a temporary hold on a date for two business days without a signed agreement or deposit. A User is not guaranteed a date until the agreement and deposit are received by the OB.   


Upon execution of the usage agreement, a nonrefundable deposit of 20% of the Facility Rental and Staffing Fees is required. The remaining 80% of these fees as well as the Refundable Cleaning/Damage Deposit must be paid no later than 14 days prior to the date of the engagement. If less than 14 days remain when this agreement is signed, the full amount is due upon execution of the agreement. Any additional charges will be billed to the User within one week following the engagement and are due within 30 days of the invoice date.  

Refundable Damage/ Cleaning Deposit Fee 

Refundable Cleaning/Damage Deposit: This is a one-time fee based on the estimated number of attendees to your event. This fee shall be paid via authorize.net and will be returned to the User within two weeks following the conclusion of the engagement so long as the premises are left in the same condition in which they were at the start of the engagement as outlined in the conditions of use within the Space Usage Agreement. If any cleaning or repairs are deemed necessary beyond normal wear and tear or if the User fails to remove debris from the premises, required expenses will be deducted from the Cleaning/Damage Deposit. If such expenses exceed the amount of the Cleaning/Damage Deposit, the User will be invoiced for that amount. 


The nonrefundable deposit, final payment, and refundable damage/cleaning fee are sent to the client email listed on the rental agreement paperwork in the form of payment links via Authorize.net. 

Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation of rentals must be in writing. Should the event be cancelled, the following will apply: The original 20% deposit is nonrefundable. If the cancellation is made more than 60 days prior to the engagement, at the discretion of OB, the deposit may be applied to a future rental that occurs within 12 months of the cancellation date. If the cancellation is within 14 days of the event, 50% of the entire rental fee, including the deposit, will be forfeited. If the cancellation is within 7 days of the event, 100% of the rental fee is forfeited.  

Preferred Vendors

OB has a list of Preferred Caterers who can operate as a catering partner at HOBC. This list may be updated from time to time. All food and beverage needs for any events at HOBC should be coordinated through one of these Preferred Caterers. No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought on property without prior written approval.    



4 Rivers Smokehouse | Bobbie Deverall | bdeverall@4rsmokehouse.com 

Arthur’s Catering | Lori Strickland |lstrickland@arthurscatering.com 

Hyatt Regency Orlando INT’L Airport | Lisa McCormick | Lisa.McCormick@hyatt.com 

John Michael Catering | Giselle Grand | giselle@johnmichaelevents.com 

Pearson’s Catering | Matt Winne/Linda Frisard | info@pearsonscatering.com 

Runway Catering | Fernando Orriols | fernando@runwaycateringorlando.com 

Sonny’s BBQ Crystal apopka.catering@sonnysbbq.com 


One Way Valet | Sam Papia | spapia@onewayvaletinc.com 

HOBC is surrounded by limited street parking and highly encourages the use of valet services for large events to ensure no unsafe carline back-ups or illegal parking that will result in ticketing or towing by the City of Orlando. 



Eventsured | https://www.eventsured.com/harrietts-orlando- ballet-centre/ 

User agrees to obtain liability insurance, issued by a company licensed to do business in the State of Florida and containing the agreement of the insurer that the insurer shall not cancel same without adequate prior written notice to OB.  If User is not able to obtain insurance on their own, OB may be able to assist in securing coverage. The User shall deliver to OB no later than 15 days prior to the engagement, a Certificate of Insurance, in proper form, evidencing the required insurance coverage as follows:  

  1. Orlando Ballet will be named as “Additional Insured”  
  1. The City of Orlando will be named as “Additional Insured”  
  1. Comprehensive general liability insurance, with broad form endorsement, including host liquor coverage, covering without limitation bodily injury, death and property damage, PREMISES/operations, products/completed operations, contractual, independent contractor, broad form property damage and personal injury in an amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence; $2,000,000 aggregate.  


HOBC requires security be booked for events of 100 or more guests and/or any events occurring while Orlando Ballet School classes are in session in the building. We require a security “presence” at a minimum, but the User may upgrade their security services if they prefer. 

ANDY FRAIN SERVICES | Annette DuBose | ADubose@andyfrain.com 

Space  Size/ Capacity 
Ledden Great Hall  7,256 Square Feet  
Ledden Great Hall 1 3,486 Square Feet


Ledden Great Hall 2 3,770 Square Feet


Studio 3  1,780 Square Feet


Studio 4  1,780 Square Feet


Studio 5  1,815 Square Feet


Studio 5A- Half of Studio 5  907 Square feet 
Studio 5B- Lakeside Half of Studio 5  907 Square Feet 
Studio 6  1,822 Square Feet


Bleacher Seating Capacity  305 Seats


Lobby  3,989 Square Feet 
Terrace  105’-7 ¼” Long x 21’- 7 ¼ Wide




Set-Up/ Cleanup/ Required Permits


Contracted times for facility access include set-up and load-out time, and it is imperative that no vendors arrive early for load-in or remain in the building past load-out conclusion, or additional rental time will be charged.

All vendor load-in must be through the “Company Entrance”, or the doors outside of Ledden Great Hall 2 (to the left of the “Company Doors” when facing building) near the loading dock, or through the “Catering Kitchen Doors.” The Ledden Great Hall 2 doors lead directly into the event space.


Delivery & Storage 

OB does not provide storage without prior approval of the Rental Coordinator. Delivery of items required for an event should be scheduled for the start of the set-up time for the event and pickup of the items should be scheduled at the conclusion of the event. The Client Representative must coordinate the schedule of deliveries with the Rental Coordinator in advance of the engagement and must be present to direct and sign for all deliveries. 


Plans for décor, including floral arrangements, table centerpieces, signs and banners are subject to approval by OB. Absolutely no nails, screws, tape, or other adhesives may be used to affix decorations to HOBC. Wall hangings and other fixtures may not be moved without prior permission from the Rental Coordinator. Any décor supplied from an outside source must be promptly removed from the premises by the User upon the conclusions of the engagement. All décor items and placement thereof must meet all fire and safety codes. To ensure the safety and security of guests, OB will not accept any type of material, substance, or equipment that could jeopardize the safety or integrity of the building and its contents. OB personnel will remove any item that could potentially become hazardous, and any party violating this policy will be held responsible for any damage or injury that occurs. The following items are not permitted to be used at HOBC: rose petals, rice, silly string, sparklers, or bird seed. User agrees that and will incur a $750 clean up fee per area where the aforementioned items are used. 

Required Permits 

Depending on the specifics of your event, a permit from the City of Orlando may be required. This would include the use of any amplified music outdoors, or if road closures will be needed. Please see this LINK if you would like assistance obtaining a Permit.