Gentle BeMoved®

A path to healthy living, joy, and fulfillment! | Shane Bland: sbland@orlandoballet.org (321.346.5004)

Program Objective:  

BeMoved® and Gentle BeMoved® are designed to improve the strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and overall health of all participants. 


Program Description: 

Developed by Sherry Zunker, BeMoved® and Gentle BeMoved® are specifically intended for participants with with limited mobility due to age, health, or injury. Each class includes themed music (such as the Roaring 20s, Latin, Country Rhythm, and Blues). BeMoved® classes are conducted from a standing position, while Gentle BeMoved® is primarily conducted from a seated position. Each class includes a warm-up, a themed genre portion of dance combinations accessible for all participants regardless of previous experience in dance, and a cool down.  


Program Benefits:  

Participants in BeMoved® and Gentle BeMoved® have reported increased balance and flexibility, improved sleep, and better overall health because of their time in class. Participants also report that they find their time in class enjoyable—even fun! 


Classes Open to the Public:

Tuesdays through the end of June, 2:00 PM, L Claudia Allen Senior Center (1840 Mable Butler Avenue, #4261, Orlando)

Wednesdays through the end of June, 10:00 AM, L Claudia Allen Senior Center (1840 Mable Butler Avenue, #4261, Orlando)

Thursdays through the end of June, 9:00 AM, William Beardall Senior Center (800 Delaney Avenue, #3897, Orlando)

For classes held at Harriett’s Orlando Ballet Centre, please visit the Fitness Thru Dance page and view the schedule.


Gentle BeMoved®

“I’ve had a lot of injuries recently and I wanted to dance again but I couldn’t take ballet, so Gentle BeMoved® was perfect. I love the beginning of class—I feel like I’m flying! I’d say try it. Definitely try it.” 

“I feel more confident about my balance. Gentle BeMoved® has become the best hour of my week!” 


“Since I’ve been in Be Moved® I feel better, I have an improved sense of well-being, and I’m sleeping better. I just love the graceful moves. Anybody can do it at any fitness level.” 

“I took BeMoved® because I love dance. It’s one of the few classes I’ve taken that says it’s low impact and it’s actually low impact. I don’t get hurt doing it, but I definitely feel like I’m more flexible, and that I’m getting stronger. I love the choreography and the music.” 

Thank You to our Sponsors


If you have any questions about BeMoved® or Gentle BeMoved®, please contact Shane Bland at sbland@orlandoballet.org or 321-346-5004.

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