Orlando Ballet Second Company

Rachele Eusebione (Italy)

Rachele Eusebione (Italy)

Vercelli, Italy

2nd year with Orlando Ballet II

Rachele Eusebione started dancing when she was only 3 years old. When she was 11, she joined La Scala Ballet School, directed by Frederic Olivieri. During her training, she had the great opportunity to work with Patricia Neary, Sergej Virkarev, Vladimir Derevianko, Piotr Nardelly, Shirley Esseboom, and Monique Loudieres. After her graduation at La Scala Ballet School in 2017, she joined La Scala Ballet Company for the production of Ratmanki’s Swan Lake. She also had been trained by Isabel Seabra who was Etoile at La Scala.


Photography by Michael Cairns 2018