Orlando Ballet Second Company

Lorenzo Mattia Pontiggia

Lorenzo Mattia Pontiggia

Milan (Italy)

2nd Year with Orlando Ballet II

Lorenzo Mattia Pontiggia is from Milan, Italy. He was born with a passion for ballet. He started dancing at the age of 6 in Milan at “L’omino danzante”. When he was 10, he moved to Aosta, a small town in the Alps, where he continued his training at “Institut de danse du Val d’Aoste” and “4 dance institute”.

At the age of 13, he passed the audition to get into “La Scala Ballet School” of Milan and “ESDC Rosella Hightower” of Cannes, France. The year after, he went back to Milan to study at “La Scala Ballet School”. During that year, he had the opportunity to dance twice on the stage of La Scala and meet his idol Roberto Bolle. The following year he moved to Parma to study at “Professione Danza Parma”. He competed at YAGP’s semifinal in Mexico, where he received scholarships to train at Orlando Ballet School and Washington Ballet’s summer intensives.

In 2016, Lorenzo decided to attend Orlando Ballet School’s summer intensive and stayed in Orlando for the full year as a Trainee. He participated in YAGP semi-Finals and Finals as well as ADC, which he placed fourth and received scholarships from Houston Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet and Boys Ballet Summer Intensive.

This is his second year in the Second Company and he is very excited to dance with the company for the 2018-2019 season.


Photography by Michael Cairns 2018

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