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Orlando Ballet and Orlando Ballet School have a series of auditions, workshops, and masterclasses throughout the year. Below is information regarding programming, dates, times and registration. If you have questions please contact School Business Manager, Jenny Logus at [email protected]

Japan Audition Tour



元オーランドバレエ団 ダンサー
オーランドバレエスクール 南キャンパス校長


東京 (Tokyo)
場所:新宿村 ウェスト303
日程:2019年 6月16日(日)
時間:受付10:00-10:30 /
オーディションクラス 10:30-12:00


大阪 (Osaka)
場所:Garage Art Space
日程:2019年 6月23日(日)
時間:受付11:00-11:30 /
オーディションクラス 11:30-13:00


名古屋 (Nagoya)
場所:シルビア 名古屋
日程:2019年 6月30日(日)
時間:受付11:00-11:30 /
オーディションクラス 11:30-13:00




質問がある方は[email protected]までご連絡ください。


Workshop: The Effect of Intention

A Dancer’s Mindset

Workshop Taught by Susan Jaffe, Dean of Dance at UNC School of the Arts


Saturday, July 6, 2019 • 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
On UCF Campus
(Park in Parking Lot C3 at the corner of Libra and Gemini Drive)


$125 Pre-registration only
Included in select Summer Intensive Sessions


Master the art of intentional thinking to transform your life and impact the world around you. The Effect of Intention is a 6-hour workshop produced by Susan Jaffe to help you apply scientifically proven principals that create a positive mindset to enhance your creativity, effectiveness, and self‑confidence. The Effect of Intention’s interactive exercises and meditations enable you to create the life you were meant to live.


*There is no dancing in this workshop. Please bring a notebook, pen, bottled water, and dress in comfortable clothes with additional layers to accommodate any temperature in the room. There will be a lunch break and several smaller breaks throughout the workshop.


Declared by the New York Times as “America’s Quintessential American Ballerina” Susan Jaffe was a principal dancer of American Ballet Theatre and an international guest artist for 22 years. During her career, she developed a practice of meditation and found it uncovered habitual thought patterns that created obstacles to realizing her full potential as an artist. This realization set her on a path to discover and work with the tools that freed her as a human being and artist. She is looking forward to sharing these tools with dancers to help them on their journey.


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