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Arcadian Broad Details the Making of Beauty & the Beast (Orlando Sentinel) May 5, 2016 |

The Orlando Sentinel’s Matthew Palm and Orlando News Now caught up with Arcadian Broad, choreographer and composer for Orlando Ballet’s Beauty & the Beast, to discuss his production of this “magical rollercoaster.”

Broad illustrated his production as so much more than the Disney movie, but as a mash-up of the Disney story, old French tale, the Brothers Grimm’s tale, and components of his own creation as well. The ballet version “brings a more human quality to these magical characters,” Broad said, and also very dark.

Palm wrote: “Broad, who lives in downtown Orlando, first staged a short version of the fairy tale in 2014; he was drawn to its message of looking past a person’s flawed exterior to see the beauty within. But he couldn’t find any music that felt suitable. So Broad, who began taking piano lessons at age 4, decided to write his own.”

“I know everyone watching will want to see it blossom so I don’t feel any negative pressure,” Broad, who just turned 20, told Palm.


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