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Shoe Campaign 2017-2018 Season June 22, 2017 |

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In order to prevent injury and continue to dance with such grace and precision, our male and female professional dancers must take great care in the customization and maintenance of their shoes. Our ballerinas spend on average thirty minutes to one hour personally sewing each pair of pointe shoes for the perfect fit and will rotate between 5 to 6 pairs during the rehearsal and performance period of a production to extend the life of her shoes.

A ballerina can go through one pair of shoes every few days or even in just one rehearsal. Providing dancers with an ample amount of shoes is necessary for the overall health of the dancer. When a dancer dances in worn or “dead” shoes, she becomes susceptible to injuries that could affect her health and potentially jeopardize her career.

Orlando Ballet’s professional company ballerinas alone go through 500 pairs of pointe shoes in one season, while our male company dancers go through 200 pairs of flat shoes in one season.




“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn may not have been referring to pointe shoes when she made this iconic statement, but the sentiment rings true for every ballet dancer. Orlando Ballet’s dancers would not be able to perform at such high standards (or dance at all) without the proper shoes.

In the summer, Freed of London, approved dance shoe manufacturer of the Royal Academy of Dance, will visit Orlando Ballet to measure the feet of our professional company dancers and hand-craft shoes specially tailored to their needs. The total cost of pointe shoes, flat shoes, and male and female specialty shoes will be $68,500 in the 2017/2018 Season. Help Orlando Ballet keep dancing by visiting the 2017-2018 Shoe Campaign Fundraiser page on Facebook to make a donation.




Noel working on “MOVIMIENTO V”
“MOVIMIENTO V”(c) 2013 
30″ x 24″ Unframed, 38″ x 32″ Framed Artist Proof Unique on canvas Oil and Metallic Acrylics with Glaze Finish

Renowned Miami Artist Noel Suarez, will give the framed Artist Proof of his painting “MOVIMIENTO V”, which has a Gallery Retail value of $2,500, to a randomly selected donor of Orlando Ballet’s 2017-2018 Shoe Campaign.

Cuban born Noel is a nationally acclaimed artist who has been commissioned by public and private organizations and his works are collected worldwide. Noel’s work has been described as an amalgam of structure and dreams, reality and mythology, the sensual and the divine. The theatrical themes and movement found in his work stem from his prior career as a ballet dancer with the famed Alonso’s in Cuba, the Costa Rica National Dance Co, Ballet Concerto, Dance Miami, Boston Ballet, and New England Dinosaur Dance Company.

To learn more about Suarez visit his biography and view his portfolio.