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Enrollment Division

Students Ages Three to Seven

Students ages 18 months to 7 years old begin their ballet training in the enrollment division. Children age 18 months through 2 years old begin with Mommy and Me. Ages 3 to 6 have one class per week progressing through Dress up and Dance, Creative Movement, and Primary A and B. At age 7 they begin classes twice per week that include ballet and jazz. Class curriculum introduces basic concepts that prepare students for future ballet training. The emphasis is learning in a fun, creative atmosphere.

Baby & Me

For toddlers (Must be 18 months by the start of the session)

Take a fun class with your little one! Introduce them to the magic of dance while enjoying the company of other moms and babies in our studio. This 45-minute class focuses on coordination, direction, balance, dance movement, and rhythm concepts that are great for early development of kinetic skills. It will also introduce discipline to your little one while they learn to dance alongside other students. This class is perfect for moms, dads and other caregivers for exercise and bonding with their little one.

Dress Up & Dance

For 3 year olds (Must be 3 years old by Sept. 1)

A bubbly fun class for three year old children without parent participation. Since children naturally respond to music and movement, the activities are presented through music. This class consists of movement activities meant to develop coordination, direction, balance, and rhythm through fantasy and the utilization of colorful props. It is a perfect preparation for our Primary Level class as it introduces some very basic ballet vocabulary in a creative setting for your child’s imagination.

Creative Movement I

For 4 year olds (Must be 4 years old by Sept. 1)

This structured program is designed for the early development of technical ballet and movement. It provides carefully paced sequence of exercises to develop physical conditioning with poise and grace. In the program, children learn self-discipline, listening skills, coordination skills, left and right discrimination and patterns in movement.

Primary A

For 5 year olds (Must be 5 years old by Sept. 1)

This ballet class for the young dancer focuses on coordination, balance, rhythm, flexibility, and basic kinetic skills, as well as creative expression through dance. The class is set to music and will introduce students to the foundational steps and vocabulary of ballet.

Primary B

For ages 6 and up

This ballet class introduces basic classical movements while building strength, rhythmic skills, and discipline. Ballet vocabulary and technique is taught through barre and center floor work, including movements across the floor.

Pre-Professional Division

Beginning Student to Professional Level

At age 8, students begin structured ballet training in the pre-professional division with 2 classes per week that include ballet and character dance technique. As students progress, days and hours of training increase. Pointe work, variations, male technique, pas de deux, and contemporary classes complement ballet training to develop a diverse dancer capable of adapting to many styles of dance. Emphasis is placed on discipline, musicality, and strong ballet technique. Students are placed in an appropriate level after attending a placement class audition or by teacher recommendation. Orlando Ballet School also offers intensive ballet training for students exhibiting the potential and aspiration for professional dance careers in the Orlando Ballet School Academy Program. Admission into the Academy is determined by audition only.

Primary C

These classes ensure the student’s understanding of the fundamental movement methods. Students will advance according to individual progress in obtaining technique, strength, and flexibility. As students’ progress, they will be presented with a more challenging ballet vocabulary and quicker pace. It is designed to elevate the dance student’s knowledge of ballet.

Level 1A

Students at this level take three classes a week: two Ballet and one additional class in Character.

Level 1B

Students at this level take three classes a week: two Ballet and one additional class in Character.

Level 2

Students at this level take four classes a week: three Ballet and one additional class in Character.

Level 3

Students at this level take six classes a week including Ballet and Character. Pointe work is introduced at this level.

Level 4

Students at this level take at least seven classes a week including Ballet, Pointe, Variations, and Character.

Level 5

Students at this level take twelve classes a week including Ballet, Pointe, Partnering, Character, and Pilates.

Level 6

Students at this level take thirteen classes a week including Ballet, Pointe, Partnering, Character, and Pilates.

Level 7

Students at this level take twelve classes a week including Ballet, Pointe, Partnering, Character, and Pilates.








The Orlando Ballet School is renowned for providing excellent training for the male dancer with focus on performance opportunities and coaching. Alumni include Blake Kessler (Corps de Ballet San Francisco Ballet) , Joseph Gorak (Soloist, ABT®), Jeffrey Cirio (Principal, ABT®), Gustavo Ribeiro (Kansas City Ballet), Austen Acevedo (Prix de Lausanne Winner ’15) and Joseph Gatti (International Guest Artist). Faculty includes Olivier Munoz (former International Principal Dancer and current Master Teacher), Gonzalo Espinoza (Master Teacher and Choreographer), and Joseph Gatti (International Principal Guest Artist).
Due to the increased numbers of male ballet students interested in training at the Orlando Ballet School, the 2017-18 OBS South schedule is presenting a new all-boys class for young males. Young men have specific requirements in physical, developmental, and gender ballet training. They will continue to integrate with their female counterparts in Character Dance training and have the opportunity to access elective classes in Tap, Musical Theater, or Hip Hop.


Orlando Ballet School Academy (OBSA)

Orlando Ballet School’s Academy Program (OBSA) is a full-day ballet training program for ages 12 through 18. There are three levels determined by age and ability. Dancers in the program train six to eight hours per day, six days per week, with breaks for academics. Academics are accomplished through virtual learning programs. Orlando Ballet School’s faculty is certified in the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum. In addition to classical ballet technique, female dancers also study pointe, variations, pas de deux, modern, jazz, character and Pilates. OBSA students dance approximately 50 performances each year as a group and with Orlando Ballet’s professional company. Numerous OBSA students have gone on to trainee, second company positions and apprenticeships with Orlando Ballet and many other ballet companies worldwide. Others have gone on to high-level college dance programs. Auditions.
Orlando Ballet School Academy Preparatory program provides accelerated training for students auditioned and accepted into one of the three levels at the South campus. Eligible students must be in levels 2-4 to be considered. The program continues in upper levels at the Central campus, and is called the Orlando Ballet School Academy (OBSA). Audition Information
Eligibility: All OBS students currently in level 2A – 4A/B and current OBS students who may be promoting to level 2A in the fall.

Trainee Division

Top-Level Students

The Trainee Program is the top level of the Orlando Ballet School Academy. This program includes a full-day training program for dancers with professional potential. Training includes approximately six hours of technical dance training daily, plus rehearsals. There are numerous performance opportunities with Orlando Ballet, Orlando Ballet II, and Orlando Ballet School.

Dancers range from ages 16-21. During the school year we do not offer housing. Many students share apartments within walking distance of the studio. A limited number of scholarships are available and are awarded based upon merit and need.


We require an in-person audition to be considered for our Trainee/OBII Program. You can audition for the Orlando Ballet Trainee Program at any audition during our Summer Dance Audition Tour, or schedule an audition during a regularly scheduled class in Orlando. The Trainee/OBII Level is the top level of the Academy. Dancers for OBII are selected by our Orlando Ballet Artistic Director, Robert Hill, during the Senior Summer Intensive in Orlando.


For any questions about top-level students, please contact Jessica Jadron at [email protected]

Orlando Ballet II

The Bridge Between Student and Professional

Artistic director, Robert Hill, and school director, Dierdre Miles Burger, select all OB II dancers through an audition process. They train and rehearse with the professional company on a regular basis and dance in both company and school performances.

OB II dancers also present new and classical works to underprivileged youth and senior citizens at free and affordable costs. OB II performs for over 50,000 individuals annually in local festivals, schools, nursing homes, and at Orlando’s premium theatres. It is an opportunity for young dancers to expand their resumes while still continuing intensive ballet study.


OBII is the pre-professional bridge between the Trainee Program and the professional company. Currently two-thirds of the professional company were promoted from OBII. OBII dancers receive all their training as well as a weekly stipend and a shoe allotment. In addition to a rigorous training schedule they have numerous performances with the professional company.

For any questions about top-level students, please contact Jessica Jadron at [email protected].

Open Adult & Teen Classes

All Levels of Students

Open adult and teen classes are offered at Orlando Ballet School's Central, South and Seminole Campuses. Classes accommodate beginner through advanced level students wishing to study dance. Classes focus on a fun, challenging way to exercise while learning ballet technique and experiencing the joy of dancing to music.
Teen/Adult Class Schedule VIEW HERE
Central Campus-Contemporary 6-7pm class is canceled
BeMoved Central Session Extended
Monday 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM *Classes April 9, 16, 23, 30 and May 7, 14
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All Teen/Adult Classes are on a drop-in basis, giving Teen/Adult students the option to pay per class. To reserve a spot in class, sign up using the links below:
Teen/Adult Ballet Sign-Up | Teen/Adult Open Class Sign-Up

Beginner classes for adults who want to gain flexibility, get a good workout, and try something new.
Advanced options for dance professionals looking to maintain or improve on technique.